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Number of Users Recommended for Research

Number of users
recommended for optimal research results

When conducting user research there is an optimal number of users needed based on the type of research, but the knowledge is scattered across the web. NN/g holds much of the information on qualitative and quantitative studies, while SurveyMonkey has an excellent survey sample size calculator. Here is an infographic to make much of this knowledge readily available in a visual format.


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Poster: # of Research Users

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Show the non-believers in your life how much impact only five users can have on your product by proudly displaying this semi-glossy, fingerprint resistant poster in your workspace.

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UX without users is x.

Always know the correct sample size for quantitative and qualitative studies with this 10-millimeter thick poster of recommended users for optimal research results. The last three product images are pictures I took after buying the drop-shipped poster to ensure high-quality.

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  1. designjmb (verified owner)

    As a UX Designer, I decided to buy my own product to judge the quality firsthand. For me, shipping was ~$6 over the purchase price, the drop-ship company printed the poster the next day, and it arrived two days after that.

    Like the description says, the poster is semi-glossy and of good quality. My only qualm was the tube it was mailed in, which caused the paper to curl. Otherwise, this poster looks great in my cubicle and it is often a talking piece.

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